Wednesday, 15 August 2012

☆Perfect Days☆

Good Evening Lovelies ♥

We are having beautiful weather in Germany recently and it is said to stay that a little longer! Although I'm not really fond of the heat and the sun, I really enjoyed some sunny days with a couple of friends.

First of all I went for a picknick with some of the girls ~♥ That was the first day full of bright sunshine so nothing hold us inside.
greedy girls are greedy and me was too slowly with the picture!
highly recommend this! It's really tasty - strawberry vanilla flavor!
On to the outfit. Not really special though due to my lack of summer clothes. I'm so in the need of a nice summer dress but I haven't made up my mind about a certain one yet. Most of them are too...flowerish for me maybe. lol 

print is saying: "I'm your worst nightmare"  eh well...
I love this backpack so much ~♥
Recently I'm seeing a lot of people with such backpackers around and I'm slightly surprised to be honest. Not because I think it's ugly - I'm deeply in love with this style of rucksack! - but rather because I know that they were in in Japan about years ago. lol That's why I own this especially cute one ~♥ Actually I've bought two of them, the pink one is still mine and the rose one I gave to a friend.
My favourite piece of accessory if you call it like that.
Later we spontanously visited L.  ( well the others planned it and involved me lol ) who turned a year older that day! Congrats once more my dear ~♥
wore me beloved Algonquinsdress (*_*)


Next day started kinda formal with a meet-up of the student council group for the first talk about the weekend in october we're hosting for the students coming new to our university. It's fun to discuss all the games we're going to play and the little tasks they have to fulfil. I'm sure it's gonna be amazing, I can't wait...!
busy people being busy!
Although we all have been living here for almost a year there are few places we haven't visited yet and surprisingly some of them are quite nice. After the meeting we went to a lido! Even though it was a hot and sunny day, it wasn't crowded at all. We could swim some time and sunbath without being disturbed by stupid people (most beautiful places entice stupid people, don't they?). Sooo relaxing!
According to our plan we wanted to try a korean restaurant that is said to be authentic korean and quite tasty but unfortunately we have to postpone this visit due to short opening hours. First time we all will be gathered again we're going to make up this leeway. We went for some take away noodles and chilled at the rhine instead.

Well, that's a pretty long entry I'm sorry! m(_ _)m But I wanted to give a little impression how my perfect days look like, not so many special things to do but being with some awesome people ~♥

What about you? Tell me, what is your 'perfect day'?
I wish you all a great and hopefully sunny time!
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  1. Mein perfekter Tag sieht so aus:
    Ich kann einen kompletten Tag mit meinem Freund verbringen, da ich ihn so selten sehe, ist so etwas Luxus. Und ich liebe jede Sekunde mit ihm :) und uns ist nie langweilig.

  2. :DD Ja, das war ja auch im Winter. Habs halt zu nem sehr unpassenden Zeitpunkt gepostet. XD
    Da hatte ich noch nicht so viel Ahnung, deswegen.. ich weiß gar nicht mehr, wie ich die weißen Linien gemacht hab.. wahrscheinlich ganz normal mit Nagellack-Pinsel.. :D Jetzt würd ich das auch nicht mehr so machen, aber trotzdem danke für die Tipps ^-^

    lg Caro (:

  3. My perfect day consists of...
    ... eating cotton candy
    ... cuddling with cats (except for tigers ;) )
    ... feeling the warm sun on my face
    ... cooking with my friends
    ... arranging all of my ribbons :)

    A lovely meow to you <333

  4. My perfect day consist on being with people that I love.