Monday, 6 August 2012

☆I'm here to stay☆

Hello Lovelies~♥

Long time not seen, hu?
To be honest I had been thinking about deleting this blog for quite a while. Some time ago I deleted my facebook and my twitter account, too due to personal reasons and I didn't want something connect me with some things so...I thought giving up blogging here could help me.
But this was never meant to be a personal blog and it never was so... deleting it would be kinda hypocritical as well as explaining everything so...

I'm here to stay~


I had tons of plans for this summer as I wanted it to be super duper perfect and everything, but as we all know life gives a shit about plans. lol Untill two weeks ago I hadn't even felt like summer, it was cold and rainy but suddenly summer came (^_^)

I stayed a few days at Yaya's and went back to my parents where I haven't done anything useful yet. Most of the times I went without make-up and proper outfit because actually I didn't want to go anywhere except my bed.
Nevertheless I pledge improvement. lol

To end this random entry a not so beautiful picture of me. lol Next ones will be better I promise (^.~)
half styled me :o
Take Care Cuties and Keep Shinning~♥

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