Tuesday, 15 November 2011

☆The 'Free Day'-Curse☆

Good Evening ♥
As I was having a free day today I've planned to take my camera and walk through the city a bit to look for some cool places but as bad news gaped this morning, I had to cancel my plans. I try to realize the picture walk this week though (^-^)
However I haven't done anything today  though I would have had enough time to finish a lot of things I'm currently working on. That's kind of the curse every free day has, ccould it be?
Well, actually I did the housework and packed the things for the weekend,but that's not enough for a whole day. Maybe I'm reading the stuff for university exceptionally in the evening and not tomorrow morning.... maybe x)
Yesterday I renewed my nailpolish and as I have to take care of my nails recently because they're breaking easily and are really short, I decided against the svarovski-stuff.  Can't wait 'till my nails are long again ♥ I don't like them that short because it always looks like I wouldn't care enough for them in my opinion and that's what I hate. My nails are quite important for me...
Two or three days ago as I looked through my nailpolish I realized that I just own 5 shades that aren't pink, red or purple. lol  Two shades of blue, a yellow one, which I've never used, my favourite black one and a light green tone, all the others are at least kind of reddish. The next time I got enough money I'm searching for another kind of color. Maybe a brown shade because it's autumn. ♥

My mom told me yesterday while we were phoning that I'm the only one in our family eating at least a bit healthy. lol Probably all people knowing me start laughing now but she's right in a way, as I don't eat much, nearly nothing someone would say, but everything I eat's healthy though. A lot of salad, fruits, etc. Not necessarily because I'm on diet but because I like it.
I even like it more than my mice!
Just today they frustrated me a lot due to not eating what I offer them! They don't like fruits, no apples, no paprika, no grapes - nothing!  Although they're named after fruits (u.u)" I still have to be patient, have I? (^.^)

Wish you a pleasant night and sweet dreams  ♥

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