Monday, 14 November 2011

☆Act of Desperation☆

Good Evening ♥
As I opened my wardrobe this morning at 6.00 o'clock I nearly got a shock because I couldn't find any trousers to wear for today - and it was -2°C outside. Due to that I kind of 'had' to wear a skirt - what I actually do prefer to long trousers - and I hardly found any tights to combine. Seems like today's outfit is something like a 'act of desperation'.
Apart from that I'm always saying I have nothing to wear (what's honestly true of course!) to make things worse my washing machine broke the second time three weeks ago. That means that I couldn't do my laundry on my own in my flat but have to ask the caretaker for permission to do it in the cellar room and pay for it - of course. Because I'm avoiding the cellar rooms when it's dark and I'm coming home as late as 7 p.m. I couldn't do my laundry for three weeks now.... (u.u)"
If everything goes well the machine will be repaired this week. Nevertheless I'll take a lot of laundry with me to my parents on friday and do it there because it's easier for me I think. And after the weekend I'll have enough clothes to create some outfits again. (^_^)

This weekend some friends of mine visited me in my new flat for the first time and we made a 'housewarming party'! (^o^) It was really fun to see them all again and I enjoyed the time we had together a lot. I so would appreciate seeing them more often, but due to my horrible timetable it's impossible for me to visit them as often as I had done it the last years.
Although I miss them it's okay as meeting now with so many things to talk about is even more fun, I think.
That's the last part of the food I had prepared; flummery (chocolate and vanilla mixed together in the small cups), crackers with self-made dips (salsa and curry) and cookies you can't see on the picture because some of my friends had already eaten them. lol
I really love cooking and I'm happy that everything tasted that good. Hopefully I'll see my girls again before christmas! ♥

When visiting my parents this weekend I'll start with my christmas bakery!!!!! (*_*) ♥ I fall for Christmas time and I can't resist baking and making presents although each year I promise to give it up because it's too stressfull. I'll always stick to this 'giving - attitude' maybe.
Probably I can show you pictures on sunday! (^_^)

Thanks for reading Dears,
I wish you a pleasant night and sweet dreams ♥

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