Friday, 25 November 2011

☆fleeing the reality☆

Hello Lovelies ♥

Seems like I haven't seen the sun for ages now ! All the time it's dark and cloudy outside, how you could be optimistic with such bad weather conditions? I'm freezing all day although I turned the heater on the highest level (;-;)
I would love to stay in universitiy the whole day because there it's warm! lol

Actually I had planned to visit H&M next week because I want to buy some things, like a cardigan and maybe this adorbale skirt Ju-Chan told me some days ago, but I decided to wait untill everything with Cherry's finnished. At the moment I'm not sure about how much money I have to spend for the veterinary and stuff, but we'll see. (^-^) 
Cherry is the black  Apple the brown one (^.^) Aren't they cute? Well, this time they got along with each other quite well, some days later they were fighting mercilessly and I had to seperate them although my heart was crying. At the moment Cherry's living alone with me, untill I find another mouse to live with him - don't know how long it takes from now on.

Do you know these times, when nothing satisfies you? When you would like to change everything, even your own face?
I hate it. Because it seems like a couple of people I'm talking to everyday and who're really close to me, feel the same way and if everybody around you is mourning like you do, everything gets even worse.

But as against other people I developped some plans to change the situation because it's driving me nuts! This evening I'll go ice-skating! (^o^) Except christmas this is definately the best thing in winter! Honestly, I love it, although I'm not good at it, it's fun though. I can't wait ♥ 
And maybe people you're not used to know are a better distraction?
We'll see.

I'll order the tickets for my next concert in December now! Another thing I'm really looking forward to (^_^)♥ There's no better distraction and motivation than going to concerts in my opinion and that there are some more date released is the best thing ever!

Take care guys ♥

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