Wednesday, 16 November 2011

☆Horror nights ☆

Good Evening ♥
The last night was horrible for me, due to so many circumstances I can't even explain right in german and as they're really unrelevant for this blog, I'll leave them out. But just to mention; I cried a lot and slept about 3 hours in total -> without my [ironie] absolutely unbeaten [/ironie] make-up skills I wouldn't have left the house for sure.
I worship the deviser of make-up as much as my inward urge that drove me crazy untill I was as good as I'm now in putting make-up on  ♥

Well outfit is a bit random as the last time, too but this time I chosed this huge scarf becaus I always wear it when I just want to hide from the world. I do love it due to that I got in grey shades and brown shades too (^_^)

Although I didn't feel like cooking or even eating, I forced myself to do so because I had so much food left from the weekend.... it ended up  as fried rice with paprika.
Not really my favourite food, but it was okay though. Maybe I'm going to cook something tasty when I'm at home again (^.^) I hope everything goes like I plan they.... that would make my week!

See you guys ♥

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