Saturday, 19 November 2011

☆Sayin' GoodBye☆

Good Evening ♥
Well... 'Good Night' would have been a better greeting, haven't it? But in my mind it's still evening I'm neither tired nor exhausted although the day was pretty tough.

Yesterday I arrived save at my parent's. The first time ever, I didn't come home alone;
I had to take one of my mice with me - so Apple drove back home and has a new home now. Hopefully he's better there than with me ♥ I will miss him, as he was the more trusting one and I already locked him in my heart but some decisions have to be made - not for your own confidence but for someone's benefit.
Next week I have a lot of things to do for his former friend - Cherry - who's waiting in my flat for my return.  (^-^) I still don't know what's in store for me, but I'm quite sure it's gonna be exciting! And even if it's unexpected hard to finish, there are a couple of people ready to help me ♥ thx to those cuties!

I still have a few pictures showing both mice, Apple & Cherry, which I want to show you as I think they're pretty cute. Especially although the pics are made by me and I'm not really into 'animal photography' (^.^)" At the moment I'm too lazy to sign them, though I'm sorry. Gonna post them tomorrow, I promise!
Ate diner from McDonalds today.
For all the readers crying 'Oh my gosh, she's vegan and ates fast food (O.O)' - Yes, sometimes I do eat there. 
Why? Because there are always times you're acting unreasonable just because a leopard can't change its spots. When I'm feeling sad and disappointed I eat fast food - a looooooooot. I'm always even more disappointed afterwards but who cares? lol What's a diet if you have french fries? (^^)

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