Wednesday, 28 December 2011


Good Morning Lovelies ♥ 

Learning for university doesn't work at all, I'll definately fail. Bad feeling (u.u)"
I should be encouraged by all the beautiful presents I got for Christmas but sadly I'm not. Nevertheless I wanted to show you some of them.
some of the presents I got this year ♥
A lot of people thought about my 'Bambi Love' and bought me stuff with this cutie (^_^) 
My brother bought me among other things this one - just because of the 'Tribute To Bambi' logo of course. (^.^) 'Die Schwarze Dose' (The Black Tin) is kind of a charity energy drink working together with the Bambi-Award but to be honest I've never heard of it before. Nevertheless I think the energy drink will come into use during my exam weeks! The awesome black glass coming with three tins of energy drink is super stylish - I already fall for it. lol

isn't it cute to die for? (*.*)
Actually I love self-made presents more than bought ones - honestly. But this year I only made few presents on my own due to my lack of time and the right materials. 
There are few presents I got every year though; at least one book, perfume and a calendar. It's kind of a tradtion, as I'm always to stingy to by perfume on my own and I'll never have enough books (^.^) But calendars I'll have two this year. Maybe I'll remember every birthday in 2012 because of that...? I don't think so to be honest (^//^)""

I got the new cookbook I asked my mum for and I prepared a recipe from it today. It was really tasty but I accomodated the ingredients a bit, as I hadn't enough tofu - I used white bread instead. Tomorrow I'm going to cook another one but I haven't decided yet which one. Maybe one I need and oven for...? (^^)

It is late here in Germany, I should be sleeping for hours now but I wasn't tired enough to leave my laptop. Now I'll do and wish you a pleasant night and sweet dreams

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