Thursday, 1 December 2011

☆Sex on the Beach☆

Good Morning Lovelis  ♥

The guy from the service is supposed to come today to repair my washing machine and I'm waiting right now. Surely, I could learn but do you know this uncomfortable feeling when someone's standing behind you while you're texting with your best friend and he's probably reading every word you're writing? It's a feeling like that if I start to learn and know that I'll be disturbed.
I can't concentrate at all and so I decided to make a small update here (^_^)
Although I stopped drinking alcohol in a way some weeks ago, I still appreciate good cocktails ♥ In Ludwigshafen there's a small... I don't know how to call it, bar? bistro? Whatever, and they're making really delicious cocktails! We went there on monday after university and it was quite amusing.
My favourite cocktail is >Sex on the Beach< Definately.
Nevertheless I'll have drunk every single cocktail on the menu, I'm sure. lol
At the moment I already tried about.. the half? Due to that it won't take a long time untill I reached this goal. I can nearly ensure that I'm through the menu after my exams in january at the latest.
As long as I survive them ....

Cherry is moving!
I had to change a few things in his cage as I cleaned it the last time and right after he sat back in the cage he moved from the place where is nest was settled to the little  house you see in the picutre above. Unfortunately he had to take all his papers and stuff with him...
And for two days or more I just saw huge paper pages wandering through the cage... It took him three nights to get everything inside the house, but the last one was too big I think? Or the house ist just full with half of a newspaper and mouse sitting inside (^^)
I'm still waiting for a order to arrive... I ordered some things for the cage and new food. He's such a horrible eater! If he wasn't a pet he would starve to dead. Honestly. 
And next week we're visiting the veterinary! Wish us luck that everything's going fine and I could search for company for him after my exams... (>_<)

Take Care  ♥

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