Tuesday, 13 December 2011


Good evening Lovelies ♥

I already posted this entry this morning, as I was at university but I didn't like it so I changed it now (^_^)v
Last saturday some friends and me went to Heidelberg. Although I'm living about 20 minutes by train away from Heidelberg for three months now, I hadn't been there before and was very excited! We walked through the beautiful and not that crowded christmas market and looked through the Altstadt a bit.
The funny thing was, that one of our japanese friends was our leader, because I knew how we got everywhere we wanted to. lol Yaya-Chan and me hadn't had any clue where to go, but he was a quite reliable leader though.
 As we were walking through Heidelberg I've wanted to take so many pictures, we would had waited at every single street I guess and I decided to postpone the 'picture taking tour' to next week, wenn Yaya-Chan and me are going to Heidelberg again ♥
Seems like this bridge is really famous for... I don't know, our leader didn't now that. He just mentioned that a lot of japanese people know it. I for one haven't ever heard of it before, I don't know the name or anything else, too. But if you walk all over it, it brings you luck so it's said! ♥
Well, we didn't walk because it was too cold. lol
Tomorrow I'll go to Munich with a friend to visit a concert of my favourite band from Finland! ♥♥♥♥ I'm so looking forward to it, because the last concert I went to was... in september I guess, that's a really long period with 'no concerts' for me ((^_^)""
I wish you a pleasant night! ☆

Take care guys!

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