Monday, 19 December 2011

☆the most hated question☆

Good Evening Lovelies ♥

Once again I have to apologize if there will be any mistakes in this entry but I haven't really slept last night and studied japanese instead (kind of my favourite occupation these days).

One of the question I kinda hate most is the question about my favourite food. A lot of people seem to think I couldn't eat anything except raw carrots and green apples because I live vegan. Of course that's wrong but they make me feel almost guilty about my favourite food; salad!
Honestly, I love salad!
Some people may now think of me as a diet-addicted stupid little girl, others may feel confirmed that vegans only eat three or four kind of food.
Both wrong.
I love salad because I think it's really  changeable and tasty. You can add it to your fried vegetables, too for example. The picture above is my favourite salad; green salad with beetroot and grains. (*.*) I absolutely fall for this mixture! Tomatos go with this good as well, but today I didn't have some....

Actually I've never thought about salad being different in its preparation untill a friend of mine told me, that she loves my dressing. I have to admit that I'm fussy with dressings for salad as I eat salad nearly every day and try a lot of different types of it (^^) I was really pleased though.

Take care ♥

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