Monday, 19 December 2011

☆christmas cookies☆

Merry Christmas Lovelies ♥
I know that Christmas Eve's not arrived yet, but as it snowed some lonely snowflakes today I'm kind of ready for Christmas! (^o^) Due to that I decided to post one of the entries I really thought about a long time, because I wanted to do it right. Hopefully I'll do it! ♥
 I started baking vegan some months before I turend to veganism completely what's kind of funny I think, but due to that I've been aquired my baking skills for a couple of years now and if you believe my friends, I'm quite good at baking (^.^) Not that surprisingly as I'm practising everything I like to do come hell or high water. lol
Sadly I couldn't really enjoy baking before christmas this year as the ofen in my flat's too fucked up to even think about using it (-.-) I  had to bake all my christmas cookies during my two home-stays in december what wasn't really enough time but I managed getting through with everything ( like always....)
 I didn't manage to prepare my favourite cookies though. They're called 'Spitzbuben' and consist of two layers dough with strawberry jam in between ♥ In my opinion the most delicious cookies ever! (*.*)

Before I became vegan I baked christmas cookies only once - due to that I'm not into this non-vegan cookies baking and cannot say if it's really more difficult than preparing them with eggs and butter I'm sorry. In my opinion (and according to my mom who always observed my desperate tries to make them look cute and acurate) it is more difficult because the dough is drier and breaks easily. 
Nevertheless there are a few things that simplify it!
 First of all; the recipe. 
This year I finally managed to create a simply but tasty one! (^.^)v
 ♦ Light cookie dough ♦
225g flour
180g  margarine
70g sugar
1 vanille pod
3 Tables ground almonds
1,5 teas soy flour
 Cream the margarine together with the sugar and the marrow of the vanille pod. Mix the soyflour with some water to make it viscous. Add this mixture to the creamed margarine-sugar-whatever and stir it. Put the flour and the ground almonds bit by bit to the other ingredients and stir it untill you get a smoothy dough.
Put it into the fridge for at least one hour.
After that, outdo them like you're used and put them into the ofen at 200°C for about 10 minutes.

When outdoing your cookies, don't use flour to roll pastry but powdered sugar - it doesn't make the dough break as easily as flour does.

It's better if you don't use just the cookie cutter, but a knife and a spatula, too so that the soft cookies don't break.
Furthermore it's sometimes better, to not roll the pastry too thin, because the cookies could be hard after baking them. 
Last but not least; it's better to get the cookies a few minutes earlier out - they're going to dry out on their own but you won't ever get them soft again!

The possibilities to decorate the cookies are nearly uncountable and I think, you can imagine a lot of variations, don't you? (^.~) I for one tend to go for the 'Pikachu-version' in the last picture ♥

That's it for today - finally (^_^)
Wish you a pleasant night and sweet dreams♥


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  1. bake those watermelon cookies for me and I'll kiss you. seriously.