Thursday, 15 December 2011

☆Love to Lovex☆

Hello Lovelies ♥

Right ahead I have to say, that I haven't slept the last night due to the concert and may make some more mistakes than usual - sorry for that but I'll try my best! ☆

Yesterday I finally went to Munich to see Lovex live in concert ♥ Although they've visited Germany a couple of times before, I never had the chance to go to a concert unfortunately.... Due to that I was really excited (^_^)
I admit that I skipped one of my courses at university for this concert - but in regard of all the endless school lessons I missed  for my music passion, this isn't that bad as it was the first time (^.^) Fortunately everything went well although I got a really strict timetable, and I could met Katja in Stuttgart.
As we were too late we missed the opening act - but as I'm not that fond of opening acts (evil me!) I appreciated it. lol

The concert itself was just amazing! ♥
I love this band for some years now and I cannot describe how lucky I am that it was possible to see them. They played all the songs I've wanted to hear and awwwwww
I'm still kind of speechless and hyperactive so that I cannot put my thoughts into words I'm sorry but I'm freaking happyyyyyy~~~~~~
We had kind of bad  luck with a couple of things - for example I haven't got autographs from everyone because the securities were bitchy....
But I got a picutre with this amazing man! (♥_♥)
I AM a fangirlie when it comes to Lovex's vocalist I admit it, but it's worth it, honestly (^______^)

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