Monday, 26 December 2011

☆Merry Christmas☆

Merry Christmas Lovelies♥

This time for real! (^o^)
I hope all of you had a relaxing, wonderful time with your family, closest friends and relatives!
I for one enjoyed this year like no other year before.♥
We ate raclette on Christmas Eve because I just love it ♥
Of course I ate it without cheese and stuff, but I guarantee
you it's tasty though!

As I was reading through the blogs I am following and which I know, it was nice to read that a lot of people share my opinion concerning christmas & christmas eve. A long time I thought that the majority of people just think about it as a burden because you have to give people presents.
It's more important to be with your family and show them that you care about them. ♥

I'm at home for three days now, I read three books and started the fourth one, Ju-chan visited me and I learned a bit. Today's the last day to relax for me because my final exams of the year starting 2nd January with Japanese and I'm hella afraid of failing...
And a certain part inside me do think I'm failing.
wasn't this a cute package? ♥

For now I wish you a bit more time with your families to relax cuties!
Take care of you ♥

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