Tuesday, 7 February 2012

☆101 Reasons to Smile #The Beginning☆

Dear World Out There ♥

This entry describes a project I've been thinking about for about two months now I guess but due to university and exams I postponed the start to somewhere in 2012 which is - obviously - now, 7th february. Welcome everybody (^.^)

2011, especially the last months of it, were kind of destructive for my own attitude and way of living I had grown into. On numerous occations I literally saw my old 'myself' standing next to me and just shaking its head because my actions and reactions were not what I used to do. I had put so much effort in my positive way to see things, which got totally lost since summer and I hated me for that - what wasn't a solution at all.
While everything around my got shattered by the storm of changes everyone has to go through, I remembered this sentence:
"If life gives you a hundred reasons to cry, show life that you have one hundred and one reason to smile"
I have absolutely no idea who said it, where I heard it or if I hurt a copyright, but that's the essence of how life goes in my opinion; you always have to rise one more time that you fall.

As I know that it's not easy to smile whatever happens and remember all the good things in life, I decided to collect things that make me smile. I hope I'll reach 101 or even more, not only for the people stumbling over my blog but also for myself as there are times I need this kind of encouragement, too!

From today I'll search for beautiful, cute or just encouraging things that give me a good feeling and I hope I can even catch them in a picture for you (=^.^=)

Take care Cuties, and stay tuned what I already found for you!

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