Tuesday, 21 February 2012

☆The worst german disease☆

Good Morning Lovelies ♥

Actually I thought that I shouldn't post about this issue but I changed my opinion today - I don't know why to be honest...
It's about... carnival.

I freaking hate carnival and I can't say how happy I am that it ends tomorrow F_I_N_A_L_L_Y! In Germany the city were most of the carnival activies take place is Cologne I think and that's one of the reasons I would rather die than move there! For me it's only about... looking stupid and getting drunk and that's simply not worth my time.
Nevertheless each year my friends force me to go with them to a carnival party at least one time and this year wasn't an exception. To make things even worse I just had about 20 minutes to get ready (O_O) I don't know if there's anyone who could look great with such a short styling time - I'm looking horrible in my opinion. lol
Actually you should wear a costume when going to a carnival party, shouldn't you? But I hate drunk people wearing silly costumes and decided against searching for one. Well I hate all drunk people in general as I am not a big fan of alcohol.
Of course I love clubbing and stuff and amusingly I'm quite good with alcohol although I am small and a woman but I just don't like it and I hate stupid acting people.
Unfortunately I wasn't spared out by this kind of people this time.
A guy asked my if I want to drink something with him - I said 'no' because I don't drink with strangers and it was late, I was already searching for my coat acutally but he didn't accept my answer. He just took me and carried me throug the whole hall to the bar!!!
If there is one thing I really hate more than alcohol in connection with drunk people it is when strangers touch me! I may be small, a woman, cute, blonde WHATEVER but never touch me honestly!!! Just because you COULD carry me it doesn't give you the right to DO it!!!!

The girl at the bar knew me, one of the securities was a good friend of mine and my brother was around, too, they rescued me nevertheless I am still annoyed.

All in all I had a great time though. Maybe because the friend I mentioned above wasn't drunk due to his job as security and we talked the whole evening ♥ I kinda miss him (.-.)

 Keep Smiling Cuties~

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