Sunday, 19 February 2012

☆Pimp My Shirt☆

Good Morning Lovelies ♥

I'm not doing that much recently and if I do something, it's not worth blogging about I think. I'm planning a few things but I'll post them later (^_^)
The shirt I used for this post is one that I got from my last internship. I worked at 'Scania' and as the guys were obviously satisfied with my work, they gave me kind of tons of presents as I left them. lol One was this shirt and as I actually liked wearing this sign due to my connection to the company I decided to 'pimp' it a bit. Otherwise I wouldn't wear it at all and that would be pretty sad I think.
unmotivated picture ftw lol
I didn't change a lot as I'm hella untalented when it comes to things I have to do with my hands (except playing an instrument) and most of the time I give those things a wide berth. lol 
But recently I thought a lot about some ... yeah kind of problems I had in the past and believe it or not, this is one way to overcome them.
even more unmotivated picture LOL
As I didn't expect much I'm kind of satisfied with the result.

Take care