Monday, 20 February 2012

☆Keep Smiling!☆

Good Evening Lovelies ♥

My plans for posting are a bit out of order today but I was totally busy with pictures!

I have something to say though.

A long time ago a lot of people gave me kinda of hard time, to be honest my whole school life was a mixture between crying and fighting, but I got over it. Nevertheless sometimes I am still shy about trying out new things  because I'm afraid of what people may say.
There are few people I totally admire for being brave enough to do whatever they want and they're great idols for me ♥

If this whole f'cking story of my life told me one single thing, than it is that you shouldn't care about what people say. But as I already wrote, that's pretty hard sometimes. And it's even worse if you already have a hard time due to other things.
Anyhow, there is one thing you shouldn't let someone steal you.
Your Smile.
Never give up smiling, a smile is the strongest weapon ever.

So many things may go wrong, but I try to smile at least.
Please don't let anybody make you feel bad darlings. Nothing warrants that.

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