Tuesday, 7 February 2012

☆Nail Experiment☆

Hello Lovelies! ♥

As the title already says this was just an experiment. These false nails were on sale as I went to dm last week and I couldn't resist trying them as I friend of mine told me, that they should be quite good for going out at night, etc.
I bought these:
I didn't  chose them because they're so so pretty but rather because they were on sale as I said before. Nevertheless I was a bit excited about them. lol
My mom entitled me 'a little girl' but hey you have to be happy about small things in life! (^_^)

These nails are really easy to apply;
1. Search for the one that fits your own nail the best
2. Detach it from the package
3. Apply it on your nail
Due to being pre-glued they're holding quite well.
That's how they looked like.
Just one thing you have to look after, what I didn't do (^^)"
♦ Check if you chosed the RIGHT one for the hand (left or right) because just half of the surface glues. If you mess up the ones for the right and left hand, it looks like the picture above, the design is also messed up and they're not holding perfectly.

In my honest opinion they looked like crap on my fingers because they were much too big for my small nails, I see a huge compliance with the mouth of a duck, you too? (^^)  Furthermore I couldn't apply them right due to the big size, you can see it as I wasn't able to put them right to the cuticle. If your nails are big enough - delete this item.
In addition I think these nails look cheap. May be caused by the design but I have to admit that I love my own nails a lot more than these ones.

However I see an advantage if you want to go clubbing and time's running out fast -as always- you can just apply them within 5minutes and have eye-catching nails!

// I don't know if you can use them more than once, but I littered them after I peeled them off this morning.//