Wednesday, 29 February 2012

☆Haul & Layout change☆

You may have recognized that I changed the layout (^-^) I am never satisfied with anything I've made and this isn't an exception so maybe I'll change other things, too.
Actually I've wanted to have it more white but I just fall for dots as you can see on the picture below. lol
I ordered this CecilMcBee mirrow last week and it had arrived while I was in Austria so that the first thing I could do at home was opening a package (^.^)v
Nothing to say left, I just adore this pattern. ♥

My earphones  broke right before the long train drive home again (-.-) music in mono just freaking sucks, especially when you're bored as hell as you finished the book you took with you earlier than expected... Story of my Life. lol
You can't see the color really well in this picture, but it is a really light pink, exactly the tone my whole flat is decorated in (^_^)
I fell for this color as much as fell for dots. ♥

Furthermore I bought a present for a friend and something I'll show you tomorrow.

Take care guys, 
Lots of Love~ ♥


  1. Great headphones. :)
    With much love, Milena

    1. thanks (^w^)
      I love them, too, they kinda saved my life. lol