Friday, 13 January 2012

☆Silver Gold☆

Hello Lovelies ♥ 

I haven't updated for quite an amount of time, have I? Sorry for that, I hadn't mentioned that I'm writing final exams for my first term at university. The last few weeks were very tough indeed something like 'eye opening' for me, as I realized that I hadn't overcome my panic attacks before exams at all. It's frustrating me as I worked really hard on it before my final exams at school and now nothing's left from all this intense work. (-.-)

Nevertheless most of the exams went quite good fortunately ♥
First one was Japanese the written exams and right after it the oral one, I'm pretty sure that I pass both of them. lol I would probably jump out of a window if I wouldn't (^-^) Or my former japanese teacher would come and kill me. She would have the right to do it x)
Next one was math and statistics.... I'm sure I passed maths but unfortunately I'm also pretty sure that I failed at statistics and that means I have to repeat both exams. (-.-) But it's okay as math was surprisingly quite easy for me (^_^)
Yesterday we wrote the three economic related subjects; business studies, logistics and human resources management. Business studies and human resources management went both pretty good but I failed at logistics for sure - no way I passed this exam. lol 

Next week the exam in asian studies awaits me and the week after the one in business law.  Both are kind of 'makeable' I think (^.^) 

 I bought the gold nailpolish as I was at my parent's at Christmas and this was the first time I wore it. I absolutely fell for this shade and I searched for it such a long time! Really Happy I have it now, it's beautiful! I only used layer and it turned out that intense ♥
There's a quite interesting silver shade, too but I refused to buy it because I already got a silver nailpolish although I tend to be the 'silver type' not the gold one.
If I have the choice between silver jewelry and gold, I would choose silver for sure as I like it more. But recently I'm into gold, I don't know why. Years ago a friend gave me an eyeshadow as a present for christmas in a beautifull gold shade which I never tried untill New Year's Eve and this was kind of triggering I think. lol 
This eyeshadow is pure love I can't describe it ♥
Unfortunately I don't have a proper picture of it, but it will follow when I finished my exams of course. 
I went to Kiko as a reward yesterday! ♥
I fell for this shop honestly, I would love to buy every single eyeshadow and nailpolish and lashes and whatever they got just because I love the interior. lol 
As I fall for this eyeshadow I told you above I searched for a nice gold shade but the only eyeshado in gold they had wasn't as intense as I want it to be. Maybe I'll buy it when I found a brighter one to combine it with.

Instead I bought this. 
In this package the eyeshadow doesn't look as nice as I tried it in the store, but I think it's really good to combine with my favourite rose tone (^.^) And of course, it als fits the gold perfectly (^.-)
I've planned to wear it yesterday evening when my friends decided to go out to celebrate a bit, but as I was feeling a bit ill I stayed at home and haven't tried it on my eyes yet. (Just recognized that the signing is out of line. lol sorry) But I can't wait to do it, maybe I'll try it later when I'll go to the city and buy these beautiful lashes I refused to buy yesterday because I thought it would be kind of bad as I can't wear them while I'm learning for the exams BUT this  night I changed my opinion. Life's to short to wait, isn't it ? (^_^)
I was too lazy to remove my old nailpolish and try this one but I think I'll do it in the evening while reading through asian studies ♥ I bough this one because I think it's quite a good colour to wear 'everyday' when you want to look a bit casual and not that 'overdressed' :3 Maybe there are a few occations when you don't want to occur the moment you appear. (^.^)
And now I try to study at least a bit. (^-^)
Have a great time lovelies & take care ♥

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