Monday, 23 January 2012

☆girly stuff [Outfit & Make-Up]☆

Hello Lovelies ♥

I felt like dolling up a bit this morning! (=^_^=) As I cut my bangs today I finally felt comfortable enough to upload a picture. I've never cut my frings so much shorter but it went surprisingly good. lol
 It is kind of my favourite outfite these days ♥ I love the material of this blouse as it's cool and silky (I'm sure everyone recognized that I bought it at H&M don't you? (^^)) and of course this pattern is freaking adorable! The trousers are my newest haul and although they're from the business section they're sooooo comfy ♥

I lost the fight with my hair if you're wondering about this one messy curl sticking out so cheeky. Seems like I have to practise a lot with my hair as I'm not used to this messy length - but I want to wait untill they're at least 10 cm longer before I cut them again to my beloved short hair again ♥

Although I've planned to try new colors for my eye make-up I'm always staying with these shades I don't know why... Next time I'm trying blue, I promise (>_<)!

I'm rushing to my studies! Have a nice day & take care! ♥

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