Saturday, 21 January 2012

☆childish childhood dreams coming true!☆

Good Evening Lovelies!
I hope all of you had a nice week? ♥
I'm sure you all know these memories of your early childhood when you had seen something and deeply wished to get it? 
I'm dead certain I got the most childish one ever. lol
It must have been in my very early years of being  a humn being, I think I was about 6 years old, as I watched one of these american whatever comedies and saw this huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge mountain of PANCAKES with maple syrup! (^^)
At the moment I'm thinking earnestly if it's the american or the canadian people are used to eat it? Canadians I think, as I go for the maple syrup as an evidence....
Well, it doesn't matter as I decided to try it today too!

Pancakes and me got a long lasting relationship though.
In Germany there are pancakes too! And in France, too! But they're slightly different from the ones I wanted to make and I'm talking about. Germany pancakes ( I searched for a translation but I'm taking this one because I think it's the best fitting one) are bigger but thinner as these ones. In my family we were used to eat them filled with spinach & creme fraîche baked. Sounds funny? I assure you it is one of the most delicious dishes I've ever tried in my whole life - the ones in Japan count IN! ♥ 
I would die for this dish! (*_*)
My Mom knows this adiction and she often prepared the dish for me when I had a hard time ♥ Thank you Mom still love you for that! 
As I turned vegan some years ago, this was -of course?- one of the first dishes I tried to preprae (it was one of the first dishes I tried to make at all, when I was 10 years old - the kitchen was a disaster!) and I utterly failed. I think I never failed that hard in preparing a dish than this time. lol Yes, I tried it another time too but I never succeded. My Mom knows me and she was sure I would skip my 'vegan attitude' when it comes to pancakes. No Chance. I didn't give up veganism and I haven't eaten pancakes .... till today I admit but well you got the idea, don't you?

There is this adorable new cookbook from a kind of famous germany vegan 'cook' (as far as I understood him right he's just a free time cook, none of these 'studied' fat guys): Attila Hildmann. I knew him before but I had never really cared about him, he was vegan he was well-known nothing more. To the point I stumbled over his newest cookbook and put it onto my 'Christmas Wish List' ♥ 
I already tried some of his recipes on my own but have to admit, that I'm none of these 'straight to the point' - cookbook people and pimped them as I was pleased x) Nevertheless they're really well thought out and quite easy to prepare even if you're not used to cook! (^_^)
Highly recommend this! ♥

I used the recipe for the 'Sweet Pancakes':
*150g flour
*300ml soy milk
*2 teaspoons baking powder
And actually he adds some bananas but I was too lazy to buy bananas and skipped it. I added some sugar instead.

I have to admit that I absolutely don't have any clue what the hell I did wrong the last times I tried pancakes but this time it just worked out fantastic! (^o^) They were so delicious and all of my facebook people were kind of jealous! ha! ( I was so proud of my little mountain that I had to post it on facebook - attention whore whuhu). 
Although my 'childhood dream' were pancakes with maple syrup I ate apple puree with them ♥ 

Do you have such 'childish childhood dreams', too? Do you plan to fulfill them some time?

Please take care Lovelies!

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