Friday, 13 January 2012


My daily learning routine just started with; coffe, fruits (tons of it (*-*)), water and my faithfull laptop! This time I need it because I have to learn about... 600 PowerPoint pages? (^^) But I don't mind, I learned two books with 600 pages by heart for the business studies exam yesterday. lol
Just reconized the page I opened on my laptop; China Daily.
How I love to learn things about China - really important with my main subject Japan, isn't it? (^.~) Well, actually I should refresh my chinese a bit. I think I'll go through my lectures again when finished the exams (^-^)

Ahhhh, the reason why I'm blogging again is that I just can't concentrate on this stupid asian stuff - I'm waiting for my brother to visit me ♥ He just called me and said he's going to be here in about an hour but I wanna see him nau! lol
Waiting the whole day already :(
Two more weeks to go untill I finally see my family again ♥ Well, actually three weeks I think as I have to stay a bit longer here due to my mouse but that's another story.

I alreay drunk about 750g coffe during my exam time.
and it's not over yet.
I guess I'll reach the 1kg border at the end of this month (^.^) coffee-addicted! But I do need litres of it while learning untill 5 am. lol I am one of these crazy ambitious students yes.
But now I'm really starting with this subject!

Take care Sweethearts ♥


  1. Oh good luck with studying and exams !!! Eesh. I hate exam time period T-T" So little sleep and so much cramming :(

  2. Thank you! (=^_^=) I think I'm doing quite well at the moment. I don't like all the stress, too but actually I like learning :)