Monday, 30 January 2012

☆forever let out the frustration☆

Good Evening Lovelies ♥

Earlier this evening I tried to upload a little video of my mouse but it seems that it was too big. Or blogger was just bitchin' me ♥
Went to dm after the appointment and bought the basic stuff I need here.
It's some time ago, that I went to dm the last time and some things have changed I recognized today.
I had never seen the vegan flower on stuff like....brushes but it seems like dm changed the declaration of its products what I really appreciate! Merci beaucoup dm ♥
I do know that all the products I use in my daily life are vegan - I checked them via various internet forums where people publish their mails asking wether certain products are vegan or not -> product inquiry. Incredible for a lot of people is that all the stuff I'm putting onto my face is really vegan (^.~) It is.
The eyeshadow I bought today. Please don't ask me why I chosed this color.... maybe I should have taken... the green one or the blue one ( I already own the pink one) but now, I chosed brown. Well ,really not my day today.

Out of frustration I tried it right today. I think most of you know the basics of using eyeshadow and due to that you can imagine that the numbers are telling the order. It's MY personal order to use them, but I know from a lot of tutorials that some people taking another one.
Felt like the first time for ages that I wore lashes ♥ Since I got my new glasses I can't wear them any more but for today it was okay - I went without glasses.

Sorry for the 'eye make-up spam' recently but that's kind of the only thing I can write because I just can't snatch up for taking some pictures or at least work on my review for >>Tokyo Hostess<<. I'm sorry maybe my motivation comes  back to me tomorrow ♥

Sleep well Cuties ♥

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