Thursday, 19 January 2012

☆New Year Letters☆

Good Evening Lovelies ♥ 

Today I got over the Asian Studies Exam and for me it went pretty well, although I know that I made a lot of mistakes, what doesn't matter at all because I just have to pass it - nothing less nothing more ♥  But enough from university!
As I have one or two days off now I've planned to see about the final deco details for my flat finally! Unfortunately at the very moment I walked into the deco-shop all my energy left and I felt like running back into my flat, cuddling into my blanket and sleeping for hours. lol
I didn't do it, because I had to buy some food, which I did and after that I looked for a new handbag (haven't found a pretty one yet and I urgently need one.... help anyone? (.-.)). Nevertheless I bought the little pink stones you see above for an arrangement in my bathroom ♥ it turned out exactly the way I've planned it and I was quite happy. I'll post a picture of it, when I'm done with the whole room - I hope I manage it before I leave for my parents next week. (^-^)

Furthermore I bought this book today! Started reading it on my way home a bit and the first 30 pages are easy to read and written in a nice writing style. So far  nothing special or sophisticated though.
I finally started with my 'New Year Letters', too. Although I'm too late I know, this year's gonna be the first one I really send them to their recipients. At least at the moment it seems like I'll send them, I haven't written all yet. 
What these 'New Year Letters' are?
They're short or long letters I've written to recall the past year with a certain person and give a view what I wish this person for the next year - with or without me. The longest so far is definately for honey but the last year was... pretty turbulent and the feeling that everything's becoming 'good' again isn't that old yet.
I hope for 2012 , honestly.

That's all for today ♥ I'm going to finish the last few letters now. 
I wish you all a great evening Dears.
Take care & Goodbye ♥

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