Sunday, 29 January 2012

☆Queen of the Night☆

Good Morning Lovelies ♥

Finally all my exams are over °(^o^)° On wednesday I finished everything with the business law one and yesterday I got the results for math & statistics - I don't know how but I managed to get a 4.0 that means I don't have to repeat it (^.~)

Of course I spend the last days with partying hard. lol And I have to ask for forgiveness as I actually said I could post some pictures of my flat. Due to party a lil bit too hard I couldn't finish it before I left for my parent's, I'm sorry (._.)
However I'm planning to visit IKEA before I'm leaving for Ludwigshafen again and I'm pretty sure that I change some things after (^-^)

Since I got this shirt I've wanted to post it! ♥ Freakin adorable.
It's one of the bandshirts of >Lovex< and >Queen of the Night< is written on it (^_^) I've seen the shirt before I went to the concert and I so hoped to be able to buy it. Sometimes you're really lucky in life, aren't you?
I have to admit, that I own dozens of bandshirts but rarely wear them. (.//.)" Actually I could sell them or something but there are so many memories connected with them... even if I don't like the bands any more and don't wear them.
Bandshirts are really unwearable most of the time imho if you're a girl and quite small.
This time I chosed some blue shades also they're not really fitting my eyecolor but that's quite difficult as my eyecolor's changing. Most of the time it's like; right the moment I chosed a color fitting to the eyecolor, it changes. lol
Not that much its just a change between grey, a really light blue or green but it's enough to confuse me with the the decision of the eyeshadow colors. (^^)
I have to go shopping on monday first of all because I've left all my cosmetic products in Lu. Please don't ask me why, seems like I've been drunk since wednesday... otherwise I can't explain why I forgot my hair straightener, too. And all the keys I need here, some things for my mouse, etc.
I just thought of all the useless things... (-.-) stupid me.
But well (^_^) It's not that bad to go shopping. lol

Please take care and have a nice sunday! ♥

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